About Us?

It all started when my brother decided to get married, excited about the big event, my mother and I started getting involved in planning the wedding with my soon to be sister in law. We wanted this event to be spectacular, but I also wanted to give them something they will always remember their wedding day by. One day looking at some pictures of how the tables would look like with all the decorations, I realized we needed a special detail in the placemats. We started our long, unsuccessful search for NAPKIN RINGS; nobody in Guatemala distributed this type of product. I was convinced this would be something that would be the highlight of the wedding. This was the exact moment my entrepreneurial attitude kicked in and gave me an idea. “I should design my own napkin rings, what better opportunity than my brother´s wedding to see if people would buy this kind of product.” Long story short I made 4 or 5 different designs and then decided with my sister in law which ones to use for the wedding. It was a total success! People wanted to take them home, some did, and I gave my brother and his wife something to remember their wedding day; needless to say they still use those napkin rings for special occasions.

In the next three months, people started calling my mother and asking her about the special detail in the dining tables. This was the perfect sign that this could become a business. I started selling napkin rings for small events such as baby showers, dinners, birthday parties, and ended up selling 800 napkin rings only for one wedding. This specific event made me realize I needed to expand my workforce, until now it had only been me.

Destiny had offered me the opportunity to do something good for my country and for other people. One day at a friend’s house I learned about a small community in San Juan Sacatepequez called “Chivoc” where 98 women were willing to work in something that allowed them to stay home and take care of their kids. This was perfect, because I wanted to help these women by giving them a job but did not have any space for them to come and work.

Today ADRIANA GODOY DESIGNS is a small growing business, with a workforce of 98 skilled women and the opportunity to export high quality napkin rings full of passion and craftsmanship to other countries. I would like to invite you to be a part of this exciting and beautiful experience.

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